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We are among the fastest growing online retailers in our specialized field. BestInAuto.com was designed to give us a greater reach for our products and services. Whether you've shopped with us before, or this is your first visit, we are confident that you will find our website user friendly and full of everything you need to boost the performance of your truck, SUV or Auto to your specific likes.

BestInAuto.com is a division of L.O.F., Inc. and has been servicing the greater Chicagoland market for over 30 years. Our company was founded as an R.V. sales and service company by the Kennedy family and then was transitioned to a couple of like-minded average Joe's about ten years ago. We then decided to emphasize truck, SUV and Auto performance accessories.

We guarantee the quality of every item we sell. Our years in business have meant building strong relationships with manufacturers who are industry leaders that have earned their reputation for excellence, often with more than 30 years experience. Our history with those manufacturers has taught us which ones to buy from, which to avoid, and who can offer the best quality product at the most reasonable price. Because we are able to buy in bulk and get reduced prices, this means more savings passed on to you, our customers. And you can rest in knowing that all the research for the best manufacturer has been done for you.

We pride ourselves in our service, value and family atmosphere. Thanks for choosing BestInAuto.com.

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We stock most items for your vehicle in our spacious warehouses. What we don't stock, we will ship within 24-48 hours!

In addition to stocking and selling the most popular, high-demand, accessories for your pickup truck / SUV, we are installation specialists.  We know what it takes to install what we sell, and we guarantee your satisfaction! 

We install onsite at our Northern Indiana location - email us for more information at customer.service@BestInAuto.com
or call 1-866-491-7437 with questions or order by phone!