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DiabloSport Engine Tuners


Diablosport Engine Tuning Systems

Ready for something exciting? Enhance your engine performance with a DiabloSport Engine Tuner from BestInAuto.com. Expect nothing put the best from DiabloSport - increased fuel economy, horsepower, and torque. We offer DiabloSport Tuners for several different vehicle applications.


DiabloSport Tuners


DiabloSport Programmers

Gain horsepower, torque, and gas mileage with a DibloSport Tuning System. An easy to read LCD screen allows you to program various engine functions. Also available in a Flex Fuel version. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.


Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator


DiabloSport Pucks

Remap the fuel delivery of your diesel injection system with a DiabloSport Puck. The DiabloSport Puck increases fuel volume delivery and load pressure. Comes with factory interlcok connectors and a completely seal wiring harness.


DiabloSport Stack Pack


DiabloSport Stackers

Get the best of both worlds with a DiabloSport StackPack! Get the Predator and the PowerPuck in one convenient pack. Allows for real-time checking and clearing of diagnostic codes. The only stacking kit on the market to do all the guess work for you!



DiabloSport Mafia

The DiabloSport MAFia provides real world plug and play control of your vehicle's "Mass Air Meter" or MAF. It features eight custom settings for all horsepower ranges and allows you to precisely control and regulate the MAF sensor voltage.